About FourthPixel

FourthPixel web design is a full-service design agency offering web design, graphic design, and search engine optimisation for small to medium sized businesses across the UK. We like to keep things simple, yet effective. So, whether you’re a start-up looking for advice and support, or an established company looking to rebrand or improve your current marketing, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s see how our creative and technical skills can help you to grow your business and unleash your potential.

Founded with these objectives in mind we are always adapting and changing with the times enabling your business to thrive in the 21st century. We cover all kinds of businesses so please get in touch to discover just how much we could do for you. It is possible for us to design and build you the perfect website with the workflow carried out entirely by email. If you prefer however, face-to-face meetings can still be arranged in line with current coronavirus legislation.

Realistic prices that you can afford

We stress affordability rather than cheapness because trying to be the cheapest inevitably leads to cutting corners in order to keep prices low. We believe some corners should never be cut or the end result won’t be worth the investment you're making. Don't worry though, we certainly aren't expensive. A great price for a great website! It really is that simple.

An easy process with no complicated jargon

Here at FourthPixel, we try to make the entire process as easy as possible. We will talk you through the whole process every step of the way and promise not to baffle you with technical terms! Take the first step to your perfect website by contacting us today. We can then enter discussions (usually via email) to gain context for your plans and we can suggest how best to help. If you would then like us to build your website for you, a small 25% deposit secures our services. You will receive several ‘mock-ups’ whilst we perfect your design, only requiring payment in full after you are happy and your website is live.

Expert UK based designer

FourthPixel web design is composed of a modest team of 3. Predominantly overseen by it's founder Harry, help is often carried out by two other freelancers Chris and Mark. All have an eye for design and are eager to work on the next project and expand our cosy little corner on the internet.

Behind FourthPixel


Founder/Web Developer

Born into the digital age, for the last few years Harry has been working on his company, FourthPixel. An ambitious project with small beginnings that could most suitably be classified as a 'bedroom startup' founded like all good things out of boredom in the summer of 2017. Beginning as a video games company, FourthPixel was actually something of a surprising overnight success. The first two games were posted on Itch.io for free, as of today each accumulating around ten thousand downloads. Before long and newly encouraged, Harry had set to work on another even more ambitious game which raised over £900 on Kickstarter. It was exciting - all around the world people were playing his games, creating videos on them and leaving comments creating a real sense of community. During this period Harry familiarised himself with all sorts of desktop applications such as photoshop, blender, Unreal engine, Adobe XD and many, many more. Surprisingly he was also able to form a small 'team' due to the fact he was contacted by both a graphic designer and an actor who offered his voice all to work in the name of 'exposure'. It was also during this time however that Harry felt a sense of burnout - Working on the same project for over a year had drained away what little inspiration there was left and so at that point FourthPixel took a seemingly 'out of nowhere' end as he instead decided to focus on his GCSE's.

After GCSE's, now without a business, Harry was contacted by a family friend to build a website for the British Llama Society. And of course yet again with way too much time on his hands he accepted. His experience in the previously mentioned multitude of applications made him a of kind of 'go to' for this sort of thing, he was surprised at how fun it was though. Using his knowledge and experience he was creating a website whilst simultaneously helping out another business. And so, over the course of many months Harry expanded well out of the comfort of the wix editor and experimented with his own html and css code creating many websites entirely from scratch. And so, it was basically upon this premise that FourthPixel was reinstated as FourthPixel web design. Today Harry is working towards a level 3 diploma in computing at Bath City College and continues to help businesses nationwide with his business FourthPixel web design along with the occasional help of 2 other freelancers.