How to choose the right name for your business

A brand name is probably, infact is the most important part of a business and that's not easy to admit coming from a web designer. A brand name should be catchy, short, a brand name should be memorable and if possible a brand name should relate in some way to the nich of the business. In essence a chapter title, a sneak peak into the inner workings of what goes on - Now it's important to admit that yes characteristics of the previously mentioned subjects could indeed be carried out in the brands logo but for small busineses who often rely on word of mouth don't have that luxery. For example you could show almost anyone in the world a yellow 'm' and they could relate it to Mcdonalds. But that's only because they worked for that brand identity over the course of many many years.

So how do you know if your name is right for your business? Well as mentioned above there's a surprsingly large checklist to tick off, furthermore at a more logistical stance a brand name should also be easy to spell and not have been used before in any instance as owning a domain name is highly important for any business to thrive on the web.

If you already have or have thought of a good business name ideally following most of the above mentioned steps then it's important to note the actions that should be carried out afterwards. As long as the buisness name has not been used before then probably the best thing to do first is buy the domain name, i personally recommend Namesco as they allow for cheap and easy purchasing. It is important to buy a domain first becasue at the end of the day absolutely anybody can and with hundreds of business appearing every single day it's definetely a good idea to grab the domain while it lasts. After, you pretty much own the digital rights so the next step in the process is designing a logo to go along with said business name. Today in the 21'st century many favour a clean and minimalist logo as it's simple yet elegent and easy to copy out, for this there are many free, online applications one can use to create a logo but if you prefer the expertise of a designer i personally recommend Fiverr.

And so, finally you have a business name and a business logo to match. All that's left now is a striking website!