The 5 best ways to advertise a business for free

Running a business can be scary, even after the intitial stress of setting it all up at the end of the day those who run them would be nothing without a consistant stream of revenue. While that's all well and good in the long run, the majority of businesses especially digital ones can expect to go without profit for perhapes months after the first release.

And so, to combat this as with all businesses a touch of marketing is always necessary. But as a startup and with no extra money to spend how are you supposed to advertise?

#1. 'Google my business'

For those unaware google my business is the little tab to the right hand side giving a brief discription, location and contact details about that business either if you search for it or search for 'businesses near me'. To start strong i would say google my business is almost definitely the most powerful tool a business owner can use to get started, the system allows for your business to be put on google maps so if someone was looking for say a flower shop then if that was your business it would appear at the top of search results. Furthermore the rating system allows you to gain reviews, if you have a five start review next to your business that's gonna make you look good under any instance. However i would say with regards to specific advertising google my business as of right now offers an amazing chance to recieve £80 credit of advertising. Meaning that yes, you can advertise your business completely for free appearing at the top of search results if someone in the local area was to google your nich.

#2. Word of mouth

For smaller scale advertisng word of mouth is also an effective tool. As a young business sharing with your family and then them sharing with their freinds can allow you to reach a medium sized audeiance yet again for free. And another bonus because they're blood they're hopefully a lot more likely to engage.

#3. Social media

Social media is a notoriously populor platform for advertising. While most medias allow for paid avertising, if done correctly free advertising can be done just as well for free. For example the way paid advertising works on social media is they target a specific niche to allow for the optimum ammount of interaction. However if you post in the right forums and follow the right people the same effect can be acheived. If you are looking for a way to get users to stay and interact with your page then a variety of techniques can be deployed. while typically frowned upon it's used because it works. Giveaways. Perhapes release a discount at a certain amount of followers ect.

#4. The local journal

Putting an ad in the newspaper may seem a bit outdated and ineffective in comparison to the other methods on the list buit coming from experience let me tell you, you'd be surprised 44% of websites. Cookies, the little popup that you think nothing of and click accept before continuing your day. For those that are unaware this is a method of harvesting data on the site you are on to allow advertisers to gain a better understanding of what you like to then target their advertisments at you. This is why if you are to google something you may in turn be given an ad about a product from said advertiser.

#5. SEO optimisation

SEO stands for 'search engine optmisation' and basically means optimisaing a website to allow google to find it as easy as possible. This is completely free but takes practise and can only be done if the website is created by the business owner. To acheive SEO you can do anything from creating catchy titles to inserting links from page to page to increase google's view of the website.